The WoodCutter's Gift/ El REgalo Del Leñador

After a thunderstorm knocks down the giant mesquite tree in the town square, the townsfolk are unsure what to do, but the woodcutter, Tomás, sees something in the huge tree that the rest of the townsfolk don’t. He cuts the tree into pieces and moves them to his work shed, piquing everyone’s curiosity. What could the woodcutter be doing?

Weeks go by, and then Tomás calls the townsfolk together to see his creations: a menagerie of life-sized animals for the village children to enjoy! But soon the village is visited by strangers from a folk art museum who want to buy the pieces for their collection. Will Tomás sell the town’s new zoo animals or keep them for the community to enjoy?

Lupe Ruiz-Flores' heartfelt tale of art, imagination, and life in a small Latin American town is beautifully rendered in colorful illustrations by Elaine Jerome. The Woodcutter's Gift/El Regalo del Leñador was included on the 2008–9 Tejas Star Book Award reading list. 

In English and Spanish/en Español y Inglés; translation by Gabriela Baeza Ventura

Arte Publico Press:  Available from Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Sundays on Fourth Street/Los Domingos En La Calle Cuatro

In Amy Costales' charming book based on her own childhood growing up in Santa Ana California, Sundays spent on Fourth Street are magical family outings that three young cousins eagerly anticipate. Strolling down Fourth Street with their parents, the children encounter a bustling wonderland filled with music, food, and fun. The cousins savor sharp bursts of flavor from mangos on a stick covered with lemon, chili, and salt; delight in the sight of folk dancers spinning in the plaza; revel in rides and raffles at the church carnival; and yearn for clothes and toys they see in shop windows. While the children may not get the things that so often catch their attention, they can always look forward to more time together next Sunday on Fourth Street. Elaine Jerome's cover-to-cover, colorful illustrations depict lively street scenes, and the rich textures of childhood memories, so readers of all ages can enjoy Sundays on Fourth Street.

In English and Spanish/en Español y Inglés.

Arte Publico Press:  Available from Amazon | Barnes & Noble